Founded in 1978, Interfin is a Houston based, diversified real estate company specializing in the development, construction and management of landmark residential and commercial real estate projects. Interfin has gained an international reputation for combining elegant architecture with construction of the highest quality to provide working and living developments that are unparalleled.

Key to the success of Interfin is a highly experienced staff, attentive to all details of business and personal environments. Led by its founder, Giorgio Borlenghi, Interfin prides itself in its employees. The people of Interfin are skilled professionals who exhibit hands-on management capabilities.

The executive staff of Interfin directs the activities of Development, Management, Construction, Finance and Marketing. Dedicated professionals in each of these areas move the projects and the company forward.

The Interfin story is not complete without reference to the development tradition of the Borlenghi family. The Borlenghis have been involved in real estate development for generations. The primary focus of their development activity has been in Italy, but they have also completed projects throughout Europe and the United States. Interfin is an established real estate company, continually building on its solid reputation.